Safe Sport Act

UpdatedMonday November 30, 2020 byHUDSON DIAMOND SPORTS.

The Dixie Youth Baseball Child Protection Plan was developed to protect our minor participants and assist the leagues in complying with the Safe Sport Act. The DYB Child Protection Plan that will give you the tools to protect the children in your league and help you become compliant with Federal Law. The complete plan that our league has adopted is located below along with a breif plan summary, as well as under the “League Risk Management” tab on the DYB website at

The Safe Sport Act requires our league affiliates to report suspected child abuse (including sexual abuse) within 24 hours to law enforcement, to establish procedures to limit one-on-one interactions between an amateur athlete who is a minor and an adult (who is not the minor’s legal guardian) at an event or facility under a jurisdiction of the league, to provide consistent training to all adult members who are in regular contact with amateur athletes who are minors, and subject to parental consent, to provide information for parents to train their children regarding prevention and reporting of child abuse. Dixie Youth Baseball and its affiliated leagues must prohibit retaliation against any individual who makes a report required under the Safe Sport Act.

Taking steps to protect our youth is paramount in the Dixie Youth Baseball® (“DYB”) program. The purpose of this risk management plan is to reduce and/or prevent the occurrences of misconduct in DYB and affiliated leagues baseball programs as well as to reduce the liability potential for DYB and its leagues. Misconduct can negatively impact participants, league official/staff members, family, friends, and the sport.

Below are some helpful dpcuments provided by Dixie Youth Baseball.

Overview of the DYB Child Protection Plan.pdf
2020 DYB Child Protection Plan-League Child-Abuse-Risk-Management-Plan- Revised 01-27-2020.pdf
Abuse Avoidance Training for Minors.pdf
Check List for Complying with the Safe Sport Act.pdf