Coronavirus Response

UpdatedMonday November 30, 2020 byHUDSON DIAMOND SPORTS.

COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.

The following is HDS Social Distancing strategy:

- Only one parent at practice if needed (drop off/stay in car ok) May 31 through June 15 per the state mandate.

- Self-social distance when games start on June 15. We will not institute specific spectator limits, but rather will ask the parents and families to use discretion and consideration of others. Families can stay together, but need to place themselves at least 6 feet form others.

- No team concession duties, the board will handle all duties.

- Additional cleaning measures for concessions/bathrooms, bleachers and dugouts (bleachers and dugouts sprayed with cleanser each night)

- No sunflower seeds or gum (we need parents to help enforcing this)

- No shared drinks (we need parents to help enforcing this)

- Sick or exposed kids, parents coaches need to stay home. (This is very very important.)

- Need to limit exposure to high risk individuals after visiting the ball park (high risk is people over 65 & people with per-existing medical issue)

- Teams should provide hand sanitizer for the dugouts – HDS is looking into ways to help with this.

- Parents and spectators should bring chairs and space out along the fences – avoid bleachers if possible.

- Masks are encouraged, but not required. (includes players)

- 6 ft markers will be added to the concession line and bleachers

- Picnic tables will be spread out through the park

- Coaches and parents need to learn about the signs/symptoms to look for and immediately separate players that display these them.

- Parents helping with smaller kids – use space outside the dugouts to distance – Tball and Pre-T can stay inside along the fence in the outfield.

- Limit restrooms to one person at a time.

- If two teams are practicing on the same field on the same day, we will schedule practices such that the 1st team will be completely clear of the premises before the 2nd team arrives. (this means team 1 must leave on time and team 2 shouldn’t arrive early)